An ongoing effort to archive, preserve and open source the works that was published under the Microdeal and Michtron-label. Focus is on the Amiga, but there might be other platforms too.


This page was started after contacting John Symes, founder of Microdeal. He was supportive of the project, and also mentioned that they only acted as publishers, and that the works belonged to their different authors. Their publishing rights were sold to HiSoft after they closed doors.

That initiated an ongoing search for the different people involved (in the Amiga production mainly, but often that is tied to other platforms too) and asking for their permissions, and also asking if they have any of their old works preserved.

For more information about the company and their ties to Michtron, see their entry at Wikipedia. As for their sister company in the U.S, Michtron, it had some in-house development, and was sold further after closing doors. We are trying to reach out to the rights holders there, to make sure there are no doubts about that the copyrights belonging to the respective author.

If the source code is lost, we still release the images, under MIT (or something else, it is up the author), which allows a liberal usage.

Yes, all titles have been available for many years from different abandonware sites, but this is an effort to also make the usage fully legal and correct, respecting the authors works.

Program list

A classic music program for Amiga and Atari
A puzzle/adventure game
Turbo Trax
A racing game

Ongoing permission effort

Author Title Role Permission
Ian Murray-Wattson Tanglewood Programmer Yes
Ian Murray-Watson Turbo Trax Programmer Yes
Pete Lyon Airball Graphics Yes
Pete Lyon Soccer Graphics Yes
Pete Lyon Airball Graphics Yes
Pete Lyon Fright Night Graphics Yes
Pete Lyon Gold Runner Graphics Yes
Pete Lyon Karate Kid 2 Graphics Yes
Pete Lyon Leatherneck Graphics Yes
Pete Lyon Tanglewood Graphics Yes
Harry Lafnear Major Motion Graphics Yes
Harry Lafnear Time Bandit Graphics Yes
John Symes * Microdeal Founder Yes
Bill Dunlevy Time Bandit Programmer Maybe
Timothy M. Purves Goldrunner 2 Programmer (Amiga) Positive
Timothy M. Purves Major Motion Programmer (Amiga) Positive
Timothy M. Purves Slaygon Programmer (Amiga) Positive
Timothy M. Purves Talespin Programmer (Amiga) Positive
Timothy M. Purves Tetra Quest Programmer (Amiga) Positive
Timothy M. Purves Time Bandit Programmer (Amiga) Positive
Timothy M. Purves Tanglewood Programmer (Amiga) Positive
John Conley Slaygon Graphics Maybe
John Conley Slaygon Music Maybe
James Oxley Slaygon Programmer Maybe
Chris Kew Jupiter Probe Graphics Pending
Chris Kew Tetra Quest Graphics Pending
Paul Shields Airball Music Can’t locate
Paul Shields Soccer Music Can’t locate
Paul Shields Goldrunner 2 Music Can’t locate
Paul Shields Jug Music Can’t locate
Paul Shields Tetra Quest Music Can’t locate
Ed Scio Airball Programmer Pending
Ed Scio Soccer Programmer Pending
Paul Hunter Airball Music Pending
Paul Hunter Soccer Music Code Pending
Paul Hunter Jug Programmer Pending
Mark Heaton Talespin Programmer Pending
Rudyard Heaton Grail Design Pending
Kevin Cowtan Quartet Programmer Yes
Rob Povey Quartet Programmer Yes
Dan Lennard Quartet Programmer (Amiga) Yes