Liberated so far

We find authors and copyright owners of relevant printed material and ask for their permission to preserve their books, and release it under an open and well-known liberal usage license, like the Creative Commons.

All books and source code we helped preserve can be found in our Gitlab-repository

But why? The books can already be found on site X?

The short answer - we try to make the books free under a liberal usage license - once and for all, legally. Besides inspiring other authors, and respecting the original author/or/and copyright holder, this also leads to many other benefits - archival and preservation is certainly easier, and the possibility for the current retro tech interested community wishing to dive into the literature and tech of yesterday also.

Special collections:

Amiga Book Reference List

cover program design tech amiga tmb

cover amiga disk drives tmb

cover amiga 500 fur einsteiger tmb

Program Design Techniques For The Amiga

Amiga Disks and Drives Insider Guide

Amiga fur Einsteiger (German)

Paul Overaa, 1991

Paul Overaa, 1994

Christian Spanik, 1987




cover isatmb

cover amiga cac

cover cac atari st tmb

Amiga: Images, Sounds and Animation

Computers And Chaos - Amiga ed

Computers And Chaos - Atari ed

Michael Boom, 1986

Conrad Bessant, 1993

Conrad Bessant, 1992

Online version




cover total amiga workbench tmb

cover mastering the amiga tmb

cover amiga a1200 insider guide tmb

Total Amiga Workbench

Mastering the Amiga

Amiga A1200 Insider Guide

Bruce Smith, 1995

Bruce Smith, Phil Morse, Alan Jones, 1992

Bruce Smith, 1992




cover amiga gamers guide volume one tmb

cover first steps amiga surfin tmb

cover das grosse amiga 2000 buch tmb

Amiga Gamers Guide Volume One

First Steps Amiga Surfin

Das grosse Amiga 2000 Buch (German)

Bruce Smith, Dan Slingsby 1993

Karl Jeacle, 1996

Hannes Ru╠łgheimer, Christian Spanik, 1987




cover amiga for beginners tmb

cover amiga printers inside and out tmb

cover becoming an amiga artist tmb

Amiga for Beginners

Amiga printers inside and out

Becoming an Amiga artist

Hannes Ru╠łgheimer, Christian Spanik, 1987

Ralf Ockenfelds, 1990

Vahe Guzelimian, Norbert K.Kuhnert, Gia L. Rozellis, 1987




cover multimedia with the amiga tmb

Multimedia with the Amiga

Dave Johnson,1991